Lisa Folkerson is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist and curator working in video, audio and printed matter. Exploring personal myth and larger social and cultural conventions, Folkerson often uses her body as a site for conversations about the absurdity of cultural systems. She uses an anthropological lens to look at symbols, myths, and construction of the Young-Girl. She diaristically explores relationships and politics of identities, banalities, and rituals with romance, hyperbole and humour.

She holds a BFA in Intermedia from NSCAD University. She has exhibited in Canada and the United States notably at Nuit Blanche 2014 at the Drake 150 in collaboration with Mohammad Rezaei, and at Lugo Gold 2015 at the Remai Arts Centre in Saskatoon, SK in collaboration with Castle If. She has participated in residencies such as the Roundtable Residency at the Dragon Academy as well as Just Call Me Jack gallery in Toronto, ON.

She has published in Crit magazine, and screened her work at Pleasuredome at Buddies in Bad Times in Toronto, ON, at XPACE Offsite in Toronto, ON, CKDU Radio in Halifax, NS; as well as curated shows at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, ON, and at Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax, NS.

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Lisa Folkerson

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Solo Exhibitions History
2014 Letter From Lisa / Just Call Me Jack Gallery, Toronto, ON
2012 Damp Half Moon / Seeds Gallery, Halifax, NS
2011 Wunderwater / Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS
2010 One at a Time, Please / Microgallery, Halifax, NS
Selected Group Exhibition History
2015 Sidewalk Screening .mov / Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto, ON
2014 Strong Bold Unique Wild / The Drake Lab, Toronto, ON
It Narratives: The Movement of Objects as Information / Organized as an open project by David Horvitz / Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT, USA
POP Life / Curator: Mohammad Rezaei / Quartiers POP at Pop Montreal, Montreal QC
Roundtable Residency Exhibition / The Dragon Academy, Toronto, ON
Video Store / Curators:,Under New Management (Suzane Carte & Su-Ying Lee) / Third Space, St. John, NB
2013 Ghost Hole V / Curator: Vanessa Rieger / Gibraltor Point Artscape, Toronto, ON
Video Store / Curators:,Under New Management (Suzane Carte & Su-Ying Lee) / Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Video Store / Curators:,Under New Management (Suzane Carte & Su-Ying Lee)/ ODD Gallery, Klondike Institue of Art & Culture, Dawson City, YT
2012 How to Start Your Own Country / Curators: Keltie MacNeill and Lisa Folkerson / Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON
Itsa small, small world / Curator: Hennessy Youngman / Family Business, New York, NY
Eyelevel Resheving Initiative 5: THE RESISTANCE TO CHANGE / Curator: Dan Higham / Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, NS
Nostalgia for the Present / Curator: Laid Bare, Curations and Other Concerns / Forgetus Collective Gallery, Toronto, ON
2011 NSCAD Graduation Exhibition / Port Loggia Gallery, Halifax, NS
“fairly breathtaking” / Khyber ICA, Halifax, NS
Y-Level: Come From Away / Curator: Natalie Boterman / Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, NS
Come C (Loser) / Khyber ICA, Halifax, NS
2010 Soapbox / Curator: NSCAD Feminist Collective / Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS
YES NO OKAY / Curator: Brady Mackinnon / Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS
Re:Translations / Curator: Brady MacKinnon / Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, NS
2009 Video/Performance / Curator: Craig Leonard / Port Loggia Gallery, Halifax, NS
2006 sCOOL Art / Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Installation & Screenings & Performances
2015 Lugo Gold / In collaboration with Castle If / Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
2014 Safe Space / In collaboration with Mohammad Rezaei / Curated by Rea McNamara / Nuit Blanche at the Drake 150, Toronto, ON
2013 o i’m lisa / Curator: Jennifer Simaitis / XPACE External Site, Toronto, ON
Plumbing / With Carey Jernigan / Curator: Fucked Up / The Long Winter 4, The Great Hall, Toronto, ON
2011 Hairbrushing Circle / With Vida Beyer / Khyber ICA, Halifax, NS
2010 Success Through Failure / Presented by the Centre for Art Tapes / Curator: Lucas Dambergs / Broadcast over CKDU radio, Halifax, NS
2012 How to Start Your Own Country / With Keltie MacNeill / Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON
2011 go easy on me, Not Cool, Prime Time, Biological Society, Fly Ways / 5 Shows and corresponding catalogues / Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, NS
2014 Just Call Me Jack Artist-In-Residence, Toronto, ON
Roundtable Residency / The Dragon Academy, Toronto, ON
2013 An Anachronistic Light / CRITpaper No. 3
Review of / Shameless Issue 22: Winter 2012
2013 o i’m lisa by Nicole Morgan /